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Seal: Harshlands
Getting Started: Click on the dagger icon on the top right corner of the screen to open up the title quest menu.
Select the first quest and click on challenge. This will give your first seal. (Seal: Harshlands Plaque is in your inventory) This seal is a group of quests that you need to do before getting the next seal.

(i) [Pathfinding Master]
Find the Duke (NPC: Duke Blackey), wandering around in arch. After talking to Duke Blackey you get the first title [Pathfinding Master]
Congratulations. You can add the title to you displayed name above your head (read Obtaining Titles Section above).

(ii) [Omniscient Seer]
Find a pile of rocks (519,688) next to a Master psychic in the northwest corner of arch. A new title quest will pop up (click on the flashing dagger icon to take the quest to get the seal: [Omniscient Seer].

(iii) [Fiery Vanguard]
The Quest will automatically teleport you to the Hashlands (Far left corner of the PW map, NW of Snowy Village).
FIRST, you MUST get the quest before killing the mobs. So, Click on the flashing dagger icon (111,1002) to take the quest.
The quest is to Kill 20 'Vengeful Troop Night Stalker', 20 'Vengeful Troop Dead Walker', 10 'Vengeful Inferno Chariot.
(See the Section above of how to track the kill counts)
After killing the Mobs you will get the [Fiery Vanguard](+3 PAtt) Title.

(iv) [Private Investigator]
Go to snowy village (148,960) to pick up the next quest (Flashing Dagger).
Then go to (177,952) to finish that quest and get the title.

(v) [Herbicidal Maniac](+5 MAtt)
Go back to snowy village (147,960), open Flashing dagger to get the quest: Sweet Witness, Kill 50 'Florafangs'.
Turn in at Frost Adventurer (153,965) in Snowy Village to get the Title.

(vi) [Frost Covered Enforcer](+9 PDef)
After getting a good squad of Level 100s go into Frost Covered City (FC), open the door, When you go into the room where the first shade is located the quest dagger will activate for you to take the quest.
NOTE: If you leave the squad or the Dungeon you will have to start over and get the quest at the same location at the first Shade.
Go through the rest of the dungeon and do "Heads".
After "heads" do the next boss and that will open the door for the Phoenix boss to get this Title.

(vii) [Head Hunter] (+20 accuracy)
Go to Eden. (("Feng Triton Movement Received" ----> Got his Message outside the entrance, not sure if it has anything to do with the Title quest))
Go inside Eden to the 'Phlebo' boss. Get the quest activation right next to the pillar as you come up the ramp.
After you have the challenge you will need to dig the "Conjuring Table" stone behind the 'Phlebo' Alter to get the Title.
NOTE: If you are an Assassin, just stealth to the pillar, get the quest, then sneak behind the Altar and dig the stone. You don't even have to kill any mobs or the boss.

(xii) [Heaven's Friend]
Go to the altar that is on the map east of Eden, (208,996) to get the next quest.
Then wait 5 minutes to to get the quest from the Pillar and get the Title.

(xiii) [Star of the Harshlands](+12 Evasion)
Break the Seal: Harshland (177,952), Dig the Altar and get the Title.

Concluding Comments
[Harshland Liberator](+20 MDef) is the unlocked Title set bonus for completing Seal: Harshland.
If you find the Harshland seal difficult, the other seals will get ridiculously retarded (includes killing tons of mobs with long spawn times, camping (mini) world bosses).


2. Seal: Canyon
(i) Teleport to Avalanche village to get the seal.

(ii) Kill 'Gothe' and collect 25 bones from them (u can find them south and east of avalanche village) [Bone Collector](+12 Evasion)

(iii) Go to (316,946) for the next part of the quest. Kill the three-legged Vessel: General. Under the north over hang dig the "place of crystal bone" and the General will appear. Be careful (bring a friend) of surrounding mobs as you will aggro them.

3. Seal: Archosaur
(i) Teleport to Angler Village: walk a lil-bit south-east (Next to banker) to get the seal. Find the skeleton (647, 835) and dig it. A giant boss will appear, wait a few seconds and he will die and you will get your title.

4. Seal: Frozen River
(i) Seal Can be obtained at (204,973), (just above the water)

(ii) Dive into the water to kill 50 'Shadows of Icy River' (turn your visual effects to max, only the sparkly one is real, there are more groups down the river, only one mermaid is real per group) [Eyes of Insight](+9 pdef)

(iii) Go to (241,980) for the next quest. Kill 50 'Icebreaker Antitan'. [Icebreaker Breaker](+3 patt)

(iv) Find Lumberjack at (265,1009) to pick up the next quest. Kill 50 'Lethal Araneid Sharpfang'. [TimberJack Guardian](+5 matt)

(v) Go to (232,981) to pick up the next quest. Find the 5 Blazings and dig them: Fire (232,978), Earth (251,986), Wood (209,936), water (235 925), gold (238,970) [Pyromaniac](+20 accuracy)

(vi) Fly toward the centre frozen river at (265,947) to pick up the quest. Dig the totem and kill the 'Spirit of Icy Field' (spirit may be glitchy and dive under water. Try stun locking) Pick the next quest right after killing. [Guide of Life](+20 accuracy)

(vii) Kill the 'Sea: Patrol Dragonroar' (Underwater). [I am a Master](+9 mdef)

(viii) Break the Seal of the Frozen River, next to the boss (Use IG or a friend to help you dig it). [Glacial Star](+12 eva)

4.a Seal: Frozen River, Challenge Quests
(i B) Go to (236,934) for the pop up quest. Kill 'Deiciter Black' (Mini World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Will be Camped by competitive players, There is no confirmed respawn time -but- it definitely not between 22hrs to 25hrs) [The Bravo] (+9 mdef)

(vii B) [I Hate Doggy Eyes](+12 evasion) Go to (285,960). Kill 'Watcher of Chasm' (World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Used to spawn after 4 days or so, Will be Camped by players). (This quest is unlocked after completing Guide of Life)
[Man of Fury](+20 pdef) is the unlocked Title set bonus for completing Seal: Frozen River (includes main quest line + Challenge quests)

5. Seal: Volcanic Purgatory
(i) I found it near the entrance of Human F19/Volcanic Purgatory (at 396, 992)

(ii) Kill 20 'Ant soldiers', 20 'Frozen Wolfmaster', 10 'Jumby Tempestress'. (+ 9 pdef)[The Exterminator]

(iii) [not available] Go to (441,999) for the next quest popup. Kill Dargai, Torring, Naaru
(Location: Missing. Theoretical dig location are at: (402,1006), (434,1006), and (440,1001)

6. Seal: Tai Chi Shore
(i) The seal can be found at the cross road of haunted path (541,957)

(ii) Fly to the top of veiled tower. Find the next quest (530,966) [The Past is Bitter]

(iii) Fly to the top of Volcanic Purgatory (444,970) [Veil Raider]

(iv) Go to (560,980), defeat the 50 of the 'Undead Army' [GhoulFriend](+9 mdef)

(v) Go to the Tower of Darkness (568,928) Take the quest. It will send you north to Tai Chi Shore where you will get the next part of the quest. (580,983) [Shadow Raider]

(vi a) Kill the 'Empyrean Slither' (regular boss) [Monster Hunter](+9 mdef)

(vii B) [not available] Go to Sword Graveyard (525,928) to pick up the quest. [Heart of the Sword]
(dig is missing. Theoretical dig location is around the sword graveyard)

(vii) [not available] The next quest starts around the little water pond next to the Slither (580,983). Kill Ghost & Chaos. (Boss locations still missing. Theoretical dig location is on the Tai Chi island)

7. Seal: Misfortune
(i) [not available] Seal can be obtained next to the top of the tree in Missfortune city at (673,975) (35 height) (NPC is missing. Theoretical location of the NPC is on top of the tree)

8. Seal: Snake Island
(i) Fly off to (678,889), (Height 32) to get the seal

(ii) Go to (677,887) and wait for the popup [Trapeze]

(iii) Fly to Angler Village (638,831). Quest will ask you to give stuff to Foreign Monk (try buying a thousand lees from the NPC if the quest doesn't popup) [The Generous](+3 patt)

(iv) Fly North to the Shattered Jade Shore (635,874). Wait for the Popup. Kill 25 'Mechrabs' & 25 'Giant Chislers'. [Armored Pincers](+20 accuracy)

(v) Go to (626,885) to pick up the next quest. Kill 'Chin, Mausoleum Watchman' and 50 'FelboneShanks'. [Six League Under](+12 evasion)

(vi) Go to (638,872) to pickup the quest. Kill 'Cenminator' (World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Used to spawn after 4 days or so (Will be Camped by players). [Man of No Romance](+5 MAtt)

(vii) Go at (668,891), in the air. Take the quest. Go to (648,890), (under water). [Ego Draconis]

8.a Seal: Snake Island (Optional)
(i) Snake Island side quests (have missing bosses).

Endless Universe
(i) [Split Personality](+6 PAtt) Defeat 'Aohe Snake' and 'Aohe Dragon' within 60 min (AUE: Twin path)

(ii) [Master of Balance](+14 PDef) Defeat 'Chigo, the Serpent Emperor' within 60 min (AUE: Balance of Light & Dark path)
(iii) [Draongslayer](+40 accuracy) Defeat 'Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor' within 80 min (AUE: Final Boss)

(iv) [Hide and Seek](+14 MDef) Defeat 'Locen, the Emperor of Flame' within 60 min (AEU: Stealth Bush path)

(v) [Master Plucker](+12 matt) Kill Ghost Wing in Regular EU within 60 mins.
[Endless Ender](+60 accuracy) is the title set bonus for completing all 5 EU quests.

Other Titles
1. [Aviator](+3 PAtt): Fly to an altitude of 79".

2. [Super Durable](+14 MDef): Kill 'Incarcerate' in WS in less than 80mins.

3. [Naughty Junior](+14 PDef): Kill 'Vanished Ancestor' in Nirvana within 40min.

4. [Son of Fortune] (Expires after 30 days) Collect 5 'Auspicious Son' from the 'Fortune from Heaven' Event.

5. [Servant of Lord Kitten] Collect 15 Kitten Balls from a Yellow Kitten NPC (NPC spawns 'randomly' in arch at around 7:30pm server time with a system message)

6. [Mulberry's Aid](+12 evasion) Complete the 'Pestle of Re. Access.' quest chain (Quest starts at any Notice Board)

7. [Saint Savior] Collect 20 Mulberry Hearts from new daily from 'Secret Man' 546 628 (Daily quest can be unlocked from completing 'Pestle of Re. Access'; Right after charging the crystal in SOT/ABA, you may turn in the heart to get exp+Stealth pot. Trash the quest and keep collecting the hearts to achieve this title)

8. [Marshal's Deputy](+5 MAtt) Stand on the Pirate Ship, far east of Arch (626,659) just before or just after Nation War (20:00 - 22:30 server time, Friday or Sunday).

9. [Purgatory Suppressed](+6 PAtt) Kill Queen of Agony: Xipher within 30 minutes (SOT Weekly, jump straight to bloody courtyard, no need to kill hellfire or trap master)

10. [Demon World Traveler](+12 MAtt) Kill Borobudur Dungeon Lord within 60 minutes (ABA Weekly).

11. [Doom of Eminence](+ 30 Evasion) Kill Yelling To The Sky within 40 minutes. (Hidden Dragon Den)

SUMBER : http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Title_System

NOTE: Guide ini disadur dari topik forum PW Twilight Versi lama 2013, sebagian isi ada yang sesuai dengan versi sekarang (2016) dan sebagian ada yang tidak sesusai + nama NPC versi PW Indo.
Bagi yang ingin memperbaiki guide ini, bisa bikin topik baru.