[English] Normal Cast PVE Star Chart


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Astral Infusion- This option lets you devour bad or unneeded star charts; as well as Astrobana Pearls. This levels up your bar on the left side of your Star Chart also known as its level. When devouring unneeded star charts ALWAYS pick the one with the higher aptitude. As the picture above shows.

Horoscope- Rerolls all your Star Chart's stats and requires Nebula Dust Orbs. There are two versions of the material needed to use this option. Both are obtained from Judgement mode FSP, and one from the Something In the Snow daily. One of them has a blue name the other is purple. The difference between the two is the blue named Nebula Dust Orbs will not level up your Astral Energy bar, the purple ones will. Astral Energy is character bound so it does not matter which Star Chart you use them on.

*Always keep a spare crappy star chart to be able to reroll so you don't get rid of your good Star Chart's stats*

Stargazing- This option moves your stats around from fatestars to birthstars and vice versa. This option should only be used once you have a 10 stat star chart and all desired stats. To maximize your spirit and other desired stats. Requires Starseeker Powders.

Starshift- Uses Astrapira Pearls. This option levels up your Aptitude which is bound per Star Chart. Which is why when devouring unneeded or bad Star Charts you Always keep the one with higher aptitude. Aptitude affects the value of the stats you get from your Fatestars and Birthstars. The value of your birthstars affects the value of the fatestar that they are attached.